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Zebra barcode scanners


Choosing the right Zebra (Motorola or Symbol) barcode
scanner is very important. Do you need just a simple
scanner with a 2
metre cable?
Do you need a 1D or 2D scanner?
Do you need a portable device? If you are using your scanner in a warehouse then a Bluetooth
or WiFi connected scanner may be what
you need. If you are not sure just give us a call on 0411 713 173 or click on the Contact Us button.

Our range of barcode scanners covers all types of barcodes including 1D, 2D, GS1 and QR codes. These scanners are robustly designed, are lightweight and ergonomic and are designed for industrial environments. They come in various versions - short range, medium range and long range. The read engines can be CCD or laser as required.

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The Zebra LS 2208  handheld scanner is engineered for continuous, heavy usage all day,  every day and has been tested to withstand multiple 1.5m drops to  concrete. The patented single board construction eliminates a common  point of failure – the interconnection between multiple boards, and the  liquid polymer scan element delivers integral shock protection to  further ensure reliable operation. Scratch-resistant tempered glass  helps preserve bar code scanning accuracy. Integrated multiple  interfaces, universal cable compatibility and support for emerging  symbologies provide the investment protection you need to help ensure  that the scanner you buy today will work with the system you use  tomorrow.

LS2208 1D barcode scanner
Zebra LS2208 1D scanner with Intellistand and cable
$ 169.00
1D Barcode Scanners

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The Zebra DS4208 delivers the blazing speed typical of laser scanners on both  1D and 2D bar codes, allowing you to accommodate 2D bar codes without  sacrificing scanning quality or performance. Users never need to take  time to align the bar code with the scanner or pause between scans. And  since you can capture bar codes printed on paper labels or displayed on  the screen of a mobile phone, retailers can accommodate customers who  download mobile coupons, mobile loyalty cards and more.

You get  industry-leading scanning speed on every bar code; true point-and-shoot  first time scanning simplicity on even damaged and poorly printed bar  codes; and a durable design for all day everyday reliability — all at an  affordable price.

DS4208 datasheet

2D Barcode Scanners

DS4208 2D barcode scanner
1D & 2D scanner with BT
$ 355.00
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