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NiceLabel labelling software covers the entire range of requirements for barcode generation from the simplest point and shoot label to complex enterprise wide applications. Designer Express offers label design features as well as Excel© connectivity. Designer Standard and Designer Pro add features such as database connection while the Automation series allows integration with ERP and manufacturing systems.
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NiceLabel 2017 Labelling Software
NiceLabel 2017 Designer Express
Labelling Software
Now includes Designer Standard
$ 395.00
NiceLabel 2017 Designer Professional
Labelling Software
$ 825.00
NiceLabel 2017 Powerforms
Labelling Software
$ 1,375.00
NiceLabel 2017 Powerforms Suite
Labelling Software
NiceLabel Power Forms Suite - Unlimited users - 3 printers
$ 1,785.00
Designer Express 2017
Designer Express and Designer Standard have been merged into a single print  productivity product: Designer Express 2017. The modern “Microsoft  Office” ribbon-based design interface is easier to use than ever. The greatest additional benefit in the Designer Express 2017 is the new print module: NiceLabel Print. Print  streamlines the label printing process and significantly increases  print productivity and accuracy. Print operators can now use the  “all-in-one” print form. The printing form includes all required UX  objects: data entry fields, database navigation and selection, printer  settings and a print preview of the entire print job so operators print  efficiently and without errors. Additionally, Designer Express 2017 is the only software in its  product category that encourages best practices and print productivity  through Microsoft Excel “database type” connectivity.

Designer Pro 2017
Designer Pro 2017 delivers new levels of functionality and  simplicity. Even first time users can design professional labels in  minutes. Setting up dynamic data such as variables, functions and  database has never been easier. Designer Pro 2017 allows the designer to customize the all-in-one  print form to further streamline the print process or optimize for touch  screens to further increase print productivity. Designer Pro 2017 offers more licensing flexibility with the new  multi-user edition. The multi-user edition can be used on any number of  workstations. The multi-user license only limits the amount of printers,  not the number of users. Next-generation licensing technology does not  require the use of a license manager or separate server, it just works  without any configuration or maintenance. NiceLabel Designer Pro offers all the layout and data features you  need for high quality label design and error-free EasyForms printing. Logging of print data and password access control provides you with security and a full audit trail of all labels printed.

Powerforms 2017
We made it much easier and faster for users to build solutions with  the new ribbon-style interface and all of the features of the new  designer. PowerForms is now even more powerful so you can build  solutions without the need for VB or Python scripting. We improved the  speed so that solutions can run up to six times faster. You no longer  need to develop applications with Visual Studio and SDKs, you no longer  even need to be a developer to build print productivity solutions. PowerForms 2017 delivers even more flexibility without coding, with a  great additional benefit: the initial form comes predesigned for you.  This means you only need to resize and reposition the objects and add  your custom actions. The new forms are also responsive, which means you  get the same experience on screens of different sizes without having to  redesign.

Powerforms Suite 2017
Automation Easy is now packaged together with the label and form  designer into PowerForms Suite. This simplifies licensing, installation  and provides more value. You can switch from on-demand printing forms to  automated printing solution in the future with your existing  licensing.

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