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Custom software - Industrial management & Analysis

Often our customers require software to do something really unique such as process control or production analysis.
We have recently supplied a software package - including a tablet - which allowed our customer print custom labels
for use on a palletiser. The software also did production analysis counting the number of pallets, weight checking and
batch checking.
f you need custom software please just give us a call on 0411 713 173 or
click on the Contact Us button.

We consult with you at every stage of the software development and are happy to make changes which will make your experience more user friendly with the features you need to simplify the use of the software. We also have 30 years of software writing experience. Software includes printer control, system analysis software as well as installing and training in commercial labelling programs.
----- Solutions not just products -----

Custom Software


Scope information

We have not only provided the software and reporting component but, in most cases, we have provided a total turn-key solution

As part of our solution oriented perview we have provided our clients with

    • Weighing scales
    • Custom designed and built hardware solutions
    • Scanners
    • Custom PC devices
    • Interface units
    • Label printers
    • Label applicators
    • Label handling devices - dispensers etc

Our track record

We have experience in a wide variety of industries, writing software to perform various functions

Industries and applications include :

    • Fishing & Abalone industry (Australia)
    • Fruit industry - Strawberries, grapes etc
    • Meat industry (Australia and Asia)
    • Service (technical) industry
    • Food manufacturing
    • Wine industry
    • Warehouse management
    • Freight management
    • Packaging
    • Manufacturing (Job tracking)
    • Stocktaking
    • Vehicle management
    • Logistics
    • Plumbing
----- Solutions not just products -----
For pricing on custom software or web designs please call 0411 713 173 
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