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Mobile computer for barcode scanning and stocktaking


Most people in a warehousing situation will need to do a stocktake at some time. There are two
ways of doing a stocktake.
One - lots of sheets of paper, count by hand, write down the count and manually add it all up or
two - Use a scanner like the Cipherlab 8200
and our software which produces a sorted and totalled result. All you need to do is scan the barcode and let the software do the rest.
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The Cipherlab range of portable PC barcode computers are ideal for staff to use when doing stocktake. Data is stored in memory then downloaded for processing when required to a PC or can be connected via a WiFi link directly to a database. These mobile computers can in a variety of versions and are highly programmable and flexible.

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Mobile Computers/Scanners

8200 Series Mobile Computers

Light, compact, simple to use, and easy to program with C, Basic Compiler, or Application Generator, the 8200 series mobile computer is built to meet your retail and healthcare needs. With long-lasting power performance and lots of room for data, it is just what you need to increase productivity, deliver quality customer service, and generate instant profits.

These scanners are ideal for use in pricing enquiries and inventory/stocktake scenarios

8200 mobile computer datasheet

Cipherlab 8200 series scanners
Cipherlab 8200 mobile computer
$ 985.00
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SL3000 Barcode sled for Samsung J1 (2016) mobile phone
Enterprise Sled for Samsung J1 Android Smartphone provides superior convenience and reliability. The SL-3000 uses the Android 5.1 operating system, has a Quad-Core CPU and 4.5" main display. It also supports 2G GSM, 3G WCDMA, 4G FDDLTE networks. You can make a call and surf the internet for daily usage as well as data collection via the inbuilt barcode scanner. Note the Samsung J1 mobile phone is NOT included. We can supply this at an additional charge or you can supply your own.
GS-SL3000 2D Scanner Sled
SL3000 barcode sled. Excludes Samsung J1 (2016) mobile phone.
$ 595.00
GS-MT6500SE 2D Scanning Sled
MT6000 barcode sled for Motorola Moto Z. Excludes Moto Z mobile phone
$ 585.00
MT6500-SE 2D Barcode sled for Motorola Moto Z - Coming soon
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